Family Session at Shawnee Mission | Smith

Amidst life’s busyness and plans and constant striving for more and go and do, there in the center of it all is the treasure of something great. Something greater and bigger and worth more than everything combined.


The people that will grow alongside you in stature and character. They will not only watch but be a part of your becoming and refining. The moments stored up along the way of the man you love holding the son you bore, the first smiles, the late nights spent in the nursery just rocking your son. All of it worth more than the things the world stretches out its hand to offer.

Family will be with you for a lifetime and you’ll never regret this season and the things you did the slow it down, treasure it up and store it forever in your memory.

I’ve had the joy of growing alongside Jadyn and Troy…photographing their engagement, wedding, maternity and now their family session at Shawnee Mission. Jadyn is the kind of person who would do anything for her friends. She is a powerhouse and full of life. Troy has the kind of personality that makes anyone around him comfortable, easy to talk to, easy to laugh with. (I can only imagine the boy that Griffin will grow up to become with these two as parents!)

As I’ve had the joy of watching you two move into this role as parents, it’s been incredible to see this new side of tenderness and care for Griffin…ready to do anything necessary for him and for your family. And oh that is rare!

My hope is that the smile on your face will be just a big as the smile on mine as I edited them…I love you three!

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