June 22, 2021

Sometimes it’s the simplest of evenings that remind us of the greatest of joys. Tiny toes and growing minds.Quiet fields in the presence of the ones you love.A touch, a look, a laugh. Sometimes it’s slowing down in order to increase in the strength for the years to come. It’s the Summer air and the […]

June 12, 2021

When everything else in the world changes, he remained constant, steady, secure. When plans fell through and what she thought would be postponed, he remained steadfast. And as it was all the days leading up to this one, so she knew he’d be the same all the days to come.Because that’s what time reveals–character. So […]

June 9, 2021

It was the way he looked at her.The way she fit by his side and into his arms. It was the laugh that invited him closer and the sweet awareness that in all things, through all things, they would be with the other. It was celebrating memories past and anticipating memories to come.It was small […]

June 4, 2021

Rain washed over them.The beautiful, breathtaking, restoring, revitalizing, refreshing, reviving kind. The sun in her eyes that shone for him was enough to light the day.Her beauty, her love, her heart that beat in unison with his.They were like ray after ray that broke the drear and shone with simple brilliance.The incandescent kind. Kindness and […]

May 29, 2021

She was beautiful. There was no denying it or missing it. Her warm laugh filled any room she stepped into and drew kindred hearts into friendship. Her words were kind and her touch gentle. Her smile radiant and bright and ready. Their wedding day forecast called for rain, but like a gift, the rays of […]

May 26, 2021

Spring slowly emerged with warmth and life and love.Time does that–in beauty changing one thing slowly on to the next. It was their wedding.The start to something new.Time was present, with her soft hands guiding each moment. Guiding them through what was, to what would be.Guiding them through memories and to places those memories would […]

May 11, 2021

From near and far they gathered.Together.No place sweeter or finer. Their memories fell into a beautiful collision of laughter and family and joy and delight. This was it. Babies growing to boys.Sons growing to men.Parents growing to grandparents.Siblings growing to friends.Spouses growing to beloved. They witnessed it all.A lineage of love and respect, of trust […]

May 11, 2021

In her arms she held hope.She held tears caught and prayers answered. She held both the waiting and the carrying out of a breathtaking story. She held her newborn turned baby turned boy and every time she saw him she saw Him.She held redemption and relief and rest. This son, her son, in her arms.She […]

May 6, 2021

In strength they stepped forward. Four in number but one in unison knowing full well the power of hand in hand. With one another they had courage and capacity, grace and love. The last golden strands of light lingered alongside the water. They caught the reflection and danced around their family. Two boys, mom and […]

April 28, 2021

A mother’s love sees each tiny spirit entrusted to her. She’s looks with intent at their hearts, their gifts, their unique viewpoints to the giant world they are learning and with compassion and a gentle hand she guides them. She understands their feelings before they’re expressed.She pours out and over and beyond herself to be […]

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